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Unleash your inner diva and express yourself

Welcome to my Tribe! I have created «Charlie OhLaLa Silent Disco», a brand of exciting and fun silent disco experiences and classes specially designed for women and the LGBTQ community. It’s all about fun, freedom, building confidence, and spreading joy. My mission is to encourage women to express themselves, connect with others, and have a sense of belonging. A safe space to let go and feel unashamedly YOU.

I have recently returned to the UK, having lived in France, near Paris, for the last 30 years. My quirky, British creativity is combined with the French confidence to be myself, «Oh La La»! I teach in both French and English and have dual nationality. I am bringing my “French touch” to Brighton!

I am a silent disco facilitator, dance empowerment coach, and choreographer. I am an international presenter and work in events abroad. I have had the opportunity to choreograph the dance section of the Sports England Campaign «This Girl Can» helping to encourage girls and women to participate in physical activities and will also be working with the Anti Burnout Club. I have 20 years of experience in the dance, fitness & wellness industry, with a passion for musicals, theatre, and expression. I have choreographed over 20 amateur musicals and shows.

I am bursting with energy and infectious enthusiasm. Playful and theatrical, I have a love for life, people, wellness, and creating connection through dance-inspired fun experiences.

“Dance Yourself Happy» is something I truly believe in. One of my favourite quotations is «Fabulous and flawed is better than perfect and boring». I want to help you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger, and live just a little better. Let me help you feel fabulous and be your own kind of beautiful.

Charlotte’s classes are so much more than just learning a choreography. Through them, I have rediscovered my younger, freer, crazier, creative self. It’s my moment to listen to the beat and let go. The highlight of my week. Thanks for helping me find my way back to the world of dance.

Susan, UK

As a shy person, it was really liberating. Brilliant fun! Just let yourself go and forget about everything.  This class is literally a breath of fresh air. I felt so empowered.

Sarah, UK

When I first met Charlotte I was immediately blown away by her shining and warm personality. In class, she lights up the room and stage and makes everyone participate in this energy. Therefore classes are always too short! Only Charlotte can keep me moving with a smile on my face.

Kate, USA

Charlotte is an amazingly dynamic and energetic young lady exuding enthusiasm and joy. She worked tirelessly with students during her time in France to produce sensational dance routines for our school plays. A brilliant choreographer and an inspiration to us all. She also helped out with school trips where she proved to be immensely popular and sustained everyone with her joie de vivre.


Charlotte’s “Showdance” Masterclass at Yogafit Retreats is a favourite for participants and instructors alike. There’s no class quite like it on the timetable and this is largely due to Charlotte’s incredibly infectious enthusiasm, passion and open heart, you can’t help but be moved by the experience. The choreography is simple yet effective and accessible for everyone to participate with joy and freedom.

Lindsay, IBIZA


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