Dance and fitness for everyone

Exercise is an escape from day to day life and an invitation to have fun and get fit.  Get ready to feel fabulous.

Suitable for all ages


Suitable for all ages

Suitable for all ages

I have taught group exercise classes all my life and pretty much thought I had seen it all and done it all – until I took Charlotte’s Greatest Showman Dance Class! In one hour we created an amazing showcase, I loved it. What’s more is that I took this great experience away with me and relived it so many times. All I can say is thank you.

Jayne, UK

Charlotte has worked with school pupils, sixth form students and adults in our theatre productions. Each musical seemed better than the last, every new dance number more inventive and the music more contemporary. If the musical was a timeless classic, Charlotte would always add new moves and attract new audiences. Male or female, young or old, teacher or student nobody feels left out with Charlotte.

Boundlessly optimistic and bursting with energy Charlotte’s enthusiasm is catchy and infectious. Always patient and understanding, students of all abilities and body shapes feel included with Charlotte’s choreography and work-out exercises. Working in an international and multi-cultural environment, Charlotte managed to harness all our talents and strengths to achieve something incredible. She is magnificent!

Bill, Teacher & Musical Director, FRANCE

Doing showdance with Charlotte is a whole new level of dancing (and having fun!). Within an hour she can create a whole choreography and make you feel like you’re performing in a musical. It is so impressive to be a part of it.

Karlijn, UK

I have partnered with Charlotte on many projects through the years. Her collaborative and enthusiastic approach, combined with her capacity to innovate and think big, has made every project both a joy and a success for all involved.

Kate, UK



Taking creativity to another level and creating something different. Offering fusion classes such as streetdance tango in heels and showdance. Fitness classes are changing–why not try abdominals to lounge music and candles?


Kids’ Dance

A simple to follow, fun dance class for children

  • Fun way to get fit
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Encourages creativity