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Super social, fun, immersive, stress releasing and euphoric.

Silent Disco SOS

(Strut Our Stuff)

Dance Yourself Fabulous


Dance Yourself Free

Dance Yourself Fit

Silent Disco

Silent Disco Street Party

Dance Yourself Happy

Charlotte’s dance classes are so much more than just learning a choreography. Through them, I have rediscovered my younger, freer, crazier, creative self. It’s my moment to listen to the beat and let go. The highlight of my week. Thanks for helping me find my way back to the world of dance. I hope this online class inspires others to do the same.

Susan, UK

C’est un électron libre qui déborde d’énergie et qui t’entraîne dans cette vague d’attitude positive. C’est une personne solaire qui garde toujours le sourire. C’est une coach investie qui sais de quoi elle parle. Elle répond toujours présente par son dynamisme et sa bonne humeur. Ouverte à toute suggestion, elle améliore ces cours en fonction de nos besoins.

Melanie, FRANCE

Where do I even begin de tell you how much joy Charlotte brings to my heart? I am not a natural dancer but I definitely love to give it a go and with the encouragement from Charlotte to just be free, move and enjoy your body and the music plus her awesome choreography means it doesn’t matter. She breaks it down in easy to learn stages then makes you feel like you’re on stage performing whether it’s in person or at home virtually through the screen – I love it! Plus the laughter that Charlotte brings makes the whole experience fun fun fun!

Lisa, UK

Dynamisme renouveau et rayon de solei! Suivre tes cours c’est faire le plein de bonne énergie que tu nous donnes et que nous recevons avec le plus grand bonheur.

Danielle, FRANCE

When I first met Charlotte I was immediately blown away by her shining and warm personality. In class she lights up the room and stage and makes everyone participate in this energy. Therefore classes are always too short! With her enthusiasm she always knows to motivate you, combined with a great skillset you get a perfect class. I especially love the dance classes with Charlotte. It doesn’t matter if you can dance or not, it is loads of fun for everyone.




Taking creativity to another level this is quite the feel-good show, stepping out of the ordinary and into the party. Wearing silent disco headphones shuts out the noise of the world and lowers our inhibitions. Proven to have numerous health benefits, including stress management and positive mental health, it is extremely liberating and allows participants to connect with each other. This new type of acoustic leisure uses technology to create unique, sensorial, and emotional experiences. Environmentally friendly as it avoids noise pollution. You will have the opportunity to feel fabulous, feel confident and carefree!



‘Express your inner diva’! Simple and fun

  • Fun way to get fit
  • Boosts self confidence
  • Encourages creativity