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I am so excited! I have put all that I have ever learned or loved into this Website and Online/Live projects! Every ounce of my creativity is going into creating amazing classes and choreographies to help you sparkle with joy! I don’t do normal. For those who know me – you know that! Join me and let’s be beautifully unconventional.

Last December I was in London filming dance content that I had created for the « This Girl Can » Campaign. It was the first time I had to teach in front of a camera and I loved it. Who would have known that a few months later the World would be on Lockdown. I then jumped at the opportunity to start teaching online! The difference between filming in a film studio and filming in a living room was massive. I was frustrated with quality, unsure of the technology and it was a very steep learning curve. I really thank everyone who came on that journey with me and stuck with me! I then moved countries and came back to live in the UK after 30 years in beautiful France. I am now living in fantastically vibrant and creative Brighton. I have to say I am British but with a French touch. I will be teaching in English and French.

During the move, I joined some online classes in California and just loved the fact that I could do them whenever I wanted, replay and also pause (for a tea break – I am so British or just to go over the steps). The added excitement that I could do classes I would never have been able to do due to geography was amazing. So here I am, proposing to you, wherever you live, my very own, our very own Dance & Fitness Studio online.

I love variety and creating so I am going to include a very large range of classes. My imagination is ignited by passion. Everything I love about Dance and Fitness is here! I now have a lovely looking studio and I will be able to film on « Facebook Live », on Zoom and pre-record on-demande videos. All these will be available to you in our private Facebook Group. The beauty of online is the freedom and choice it gives you and those in your home. One subscription per home enables you and your family to get active together too. I have also created a « Kids Dance class »! Of course, we adults can do it too. I am just going to make sure I teach this class in a way that everyone can follow and have fun. A virtual world of Dance and Fitness has become one of the best tools to survive and thrive and opens up classes to people near and far. Lockdown has made us either super fit or super chilled. We all know how much better we feel when we are active. I want to inspire you to get fit and be happy.

Classes to me are more than just classes – they are magical moments where we can express ourselves together and loose ourselves in the world of movement and music. I love music and the way it makes me feel when I am dancing or teaching Fitness. I love to dress the part and create an atmosphere and energy that goes with the type of class I am teaching. It is all about attitude and playing. Releasing our inner child and inner diva. My classes are for everyone. All ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone has something to offer the world, a light within. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are all unique in our own beautiful way. It’s time for a reboot. Let’s make a brand-new start and make the new normal amazing. Let’s simplify things, move beyond and dare to be different. Take a deep breath and follow me …

The online Dance & Fitness Studio opens its doors on 14th September. It will be continuous and you can even take it with you on holiday. No registration fee and no contract. Just a rolling monthly payment which you can stop at any time. One subscription for your home. We need to balance work, life and « you time ». Give yourself permission to get active and have fun. Let’s be fit, healthy and fabulous.

My Showdance Masterclasses are the icing on the cake. The sparkle, the joy and my connection with you. It’s what makes me come alive. I will be proposing regular Showdance Masterclasses, virtual and live. If you are a member of the Dance & Fitness Studio you will have a discount on these Masterclasses. Check out the Website for up-coming Masterclasses. The first one will be in October. It will be « The Greatest Showman » … what a way to start.

I am also launching, for the very first time, Showdance Workshops and Events. These are fantastic for Corporate, Private, Schools and Universities. Contact me if you would like any further information.

I am really excited to share my passion for Dance, Fitness and life with you. So let’s have fun, laugh, connect, sweat and sparkle! Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. See you in class…